TRAVEL and PLAY in MALAGA with kids (ebook)

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Are you planning to travel to MÁLAGA with kids? Are you a resident of MÁLAGA looking for new weekend ideas?

At VIAJA JUGANDO, we firmly believe that you can (and should) engage in play with your little ones wherever you go.
That’s why we have prepared this PDF book with over 60 pages filled with activity suggestions and creative games to enjoy while exploring one of Spain’s most beautiful destinations: MÁLAGA.

  • This is NOT a typical travel guide.
  • You won’t find traditional activities like mazes, acrostics, or spot-the-difference puzzles.
  • Instead, you will discover nature-themed activities 🌿, city center adventures 🏛️, and exciting experiences in renowned tourist attractions, including museums.
  • There are activities centered around gastronomy and sports.
  • We also provide insights into the city’s culture and art scene.
  • Moreover, you’ll find fascinating tidbits about Malaga that you’re sure to enjoy!
    These activities about travel and play in Malaga with kids will engage all their senses and ignite their imagination.

Many of the suggestions can be easily adapted and enjoyed in various locations with just a few small adjustments. We provide you with the foundation 💡, and you can add your own variations.

We understand that these activities sometimes require extra presence and patience, but they provide the best way to connect with our children: through PLAY.

📌 For the cost of a breakfast in a trendy spot or a serving of ice cream, you can obtain this digital book filled with a wealth of suggestions for only 3.5 euros.

📌 While it’s tempting to share digital books, we kindly request that instead of sharing the file, you share the link, allowing your friends and acquaintances to support the purchase as well. There is a lot of work behind it. Thank you for your understanding!

You can also find more game suggestions on our Instagram account @viajajugando, using the hashtags #viajajugandojuegos and #viajajugandoideas.”



In TRAVEL and PLAY in MÁLAGA with KIDS, you will find over 60 pages of activities and creative games, allowing you to enjoy all the places in and around the city with your family.

As you visit different spots and tourist neighborhoods, you can engage in the activities and entertain yourselves in each location. The activities are tailored to each of these places.

This is an ideal proposal whether you are planning a trip to Malaga with children or if you already reside in the city.

You can choose to print the entire book or only the pages you will use. It is an opportunity to get to know the city in a different way, to propose creative activities to your children and to have a play option every time you hear “I’m bored”.
In addition, there is space in the ebook to paste the best photos of the trip, to make a summary of what they liked most and least about the city and to write down some memories.

You can document the results of these activities in our travel diary or in the personal diary.

For assistance, you can refer to our guide on how to prepare a life or travel diary for children (in spanish).


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